Cannes Lions.

Biometric visualisation of the audience in real time.

COMISSION: With StudioXO for Saatchi&Saatchi New Director´s Showcase 2014.

ROL: Project Lead. Concept, design and development of Wristband system.

YEAR: 2014

New Director´s Showcase 2014.


A hardware and software system, based in wristbands with custom made sensors, that enabled real time visualisation of the emotional reactions of the audience to each scene and video screened at the festival. 

An original concept tailored for this purpose, the system became XOX, an emotional technology platform that enables brands and artists to track audience’s emotional states, collecting data for different purposes from both individuals and large audiences.

This project involved the design and production of 2500 wristbands, including the firmware, database development, manufacturing and deployment of the system. It was done, from paper concept, in 13 weeks.